The Ministry of Health on Tuesday urged Kenyans not to mistake the decline in number of new Covid-19 infections for successful flattening of the curve.

While addressing a question from the press, CAS Rashid Aman noted that the less than 300 new daily infections between August 16 and August 18, 2020 were as a result of decreased number of samples tested.

"It is too early to make a determination on whether this is a trend leading to the curve coming down. Our [ability to] test fluctuates depending on availability of will note that in the past few days the number of samples tested has come down," he stated.

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Health CAS Rashid Aman
Health CAS Rashid Aman

Dr Aman went on to elaborate that the National Response team is relying more on the severity of the Covid-19 infections among Kenyans.

He advised that data from hospitalization and fatalities is a more reliable indicator of the progression of the Coronavirus curve.

"There are other indicators that would give us an idea of where we are in this Covid response and of course the strongest indicator is in the number of people getting hospitalized because of Covid-19 and also those who die of Covid-19," the CAS explained.

Covid situation in Mombasa County

The MoH official also noted that the curve should also be considered from county to county, highlighting the improved situation in Mombasa County.

"We have the national trajectory and it is comprised of many other curves for example the one for Kiambu which we see is on the rise and Mombasa which seems to be plateauing. Testing also does have something to do with it. But we are happy with what we are seeing in Mombasa, the containment measures are yielding dividends," Dr Aman conveyed.