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iPhone Street Kenya scandal: Jaguar responds to his firm's controversy

Several complaints regarding the store's products went viral, prompting discussions and debates among netizens

Politician Jaguar

The recent controversy surrounding iPhone Street Kenya has ignited a firestorm on social media

Several complaints regarding the store's products went viral, prompting discussions and debates among netizens.

One TikTok user, Lordhezion played a significant role in bringing the issue to light when he demonstrated through software that the iPhone 13 Pro Max he purchased as new appeared to be refurbished.


A refurbished iPhone is a device that has been restored to full working condition after being pre-owned or used as a display model.

The revelations on social media platforms, especially X, led to an outpouring of dissatisfaction among customers.

Many individuals who had purchased products from iPhone Street Kenya demanded refunds and raised concerns about the authenticity of the items they had bought.


In response to the online uproar, iPhone Street Kenya issued a lengthy statement acknowledging their customers' dissatisfaction.

However, this response did little to quell the growing anger among netizens who had lost trust in the store's products.


As the controversy intensified, netizens unearthed a photograph of Charles Njagua Kanyi, a musician-turned-politician commonly known as Jaguar, taken at the iPhone Street Kenya store.

This discovery fueled speculation about Jaguar's ownership or association with the establishment.

In light of these allegations, Jaguar took to social media to address the situation. He confirmed that he is a director at iPhone Street Kenya and publicly apologised to the disgruntled customers.


Jaguar expressed his commitment to resolving the issues and improving customer service.

"As the director of iphone Street Kenya, it is quite unfortunate that some of our clients have experienced dissatisfaction. I have taken a personal initiative and take full responsibility on what happened.

" I commit to put in place a new customer service team for clear product information and dispute resolution to mitigate any issues moving forward," he wrote.


Jaguar's response drew mixed reactions from netizens. Some praised his willingness to take responsibility and implement changes, while others criticized him, citing perceived hypocrisy.

They pointed out that Jaguar had built his career on critiquing societal issues through his music and was now facing similar criticisms in his new role as a politician.



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