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Jaguar forced to intervene after Jay Melody's crew was arrested

The assault on the promoter identified as Golden Boy took place on Saturday, July 1 at a Mombasa club

Tanzanian singer Jay Melody

Tanzanian singer Sharif Said Juma, popularly known as Jay Melody, found himself spending a significant portion of his day at the Kilimani police station on Thursday, July 6.

The incident arose after allegations of his manager assaulting Mombasa-based promoter Golden Boy surfaced.

Golden Boy claimed that Jay's team attacked him following a misunderstanding at a club in Mombasa. Determined to seek justice, he decided to follow them to Nairobi and report the incident to the authorities.

"We had a few misunderstandings with one of my artists from Tanzania who we have been hosting here, his crew attacked me and assaulted me physically and I felt that I had to take legal action," Golden Boy stated.


Golden Boy did not delve into further details but expressed his disappointment in Jay's team, describing them as unprofessional.

He emphasized that he was simply doing his job when the attack occurred, and he felt compelled to take legal recourse.

Jay Melody's stay at the Kilimani Police Station lasted a better part of the day until the intervention of artists Jaguar, Brown Mauzo, Gabu of P-Unit and promoter Eric One Wash who rallied together to resolve the matter peacefully securing Jay's manager's release.


Jaguar clarified that Jay Melody was not directly involved in the attack. Instead, it was his manager who was in question.

"Jay Melody's manager and a promoter called Golden had a scuffle on Saturday during Jay's performance, so Golden reported the matter and that's why the manager was arrested.

"But Sonko and I have intervened, and we have brought them together, and the matter is settled," Jaguar stated.


This is the second time a Tanzanian artist is finding himself on the wrong side of the law. In May 2022, Harmonize found himself at the same police station after he was accused of failing to make a club appearance despite being paid.

It took the intervention of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to secure the release of the Konde Boy.


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