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Most profitable investment ideas for Kenyans in diaspora

Kenyans in diaspora sent Sh32B back home in April

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One of the biggest concerns for the majority of Kenyans in the diaspora who want to invest in the country is whether their investments will be secure or not.

In the month of April 2021 alone, Kenyans in diaspora sent Sh32 billion back home.

It is a common joke that they send money to their family members in Kenya expecting them to utilize it in various projects, especially construction only for them to make a return and find absolutely nothing.

All they received while abroad was fake pictures but all their hard earned money was embezzled.


Sadly, the situation is as real as it is comical, often because the investors don't put measures to hold to account those that they delegate the duty to.

There are however different ways in which one can invest in Kenya from abroad without the fear of losing your hard earned money and they include the following;

Treasury Bills

One of the safest methods of investing is buying treasury bills. It involves loaning the Kenyan government money for a specific period of time where your funds accrue interest returns upon the expiry of the period.

It is considered risk free and is the reason Kenyan banks have been making a killing despite the interest cap rate and dwindling walk-in customers.


Real Estate

The real estate market in Kenya is also another way to make a fortune. This type of investment can be split into two; buying land with the intention of selling at a markup or construction of buildings that you can rent out or sell.

The biggest factor behind the steady increase in property investment is the population growth. Kenyans are increasing by almost 3 million annually thereby providing a huge potential for homeowners whom you could capitalize on.



The ripple effect of the growth of property development is that it drives the value of land through the roof. This is advantageous for anyone with a sharp eye for identifying urbanization prospects. One can buy land in those areas to sell when the market matures.

Investment Firms

Investment firms have provided a convenient way through which one can enter the real estate markets, without the stress of touring the country looking for potential business opportunities.

All you have to do is deposit your money and through their wide networks and skilled consultants they will identify which are the best areas to make a good return on investments.



Saccos are widely known to be an easy way of accessing affordable loans but one can also turn them into a method of minting money.

Usually, your deposit is given out as a loan to the members of the Sacco in the process, it earns returns in the form of interest charged on the loans given out to the members.

However, it is important that you conduct due diligence before settling on a Sacco to make sure your investment is well protected.



It is said that rich people work hard to make a lot of money but wealthy people make the money work hard for them. A good way to step your finance game up is to invest in a company on the stock market.

By buying shares of a particular company, you get to own a part of every penny they make without having to put any effort into the stressful day to day running of the business.

However lucrative all these options are, there is a need to find one that suits you in terms of the capital needed, your personal preferences as well as ambition or future goals.



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