Mombasa based actor Dan Kinyanjui alias Dan Sonko has for the first time addressed the “you moved on so fast” comment that is always left under his pictures whenever he documents moments with his new girlfriend.

Sonko, who lost his wife Druscillah Walowe Mngoda popularly known as Dru Sonko two years ago, has decided to bring the whole discussion to an end with a classy response.

A fan identified as Miss Kahacho commented on Dan’s post saying “I think You moved on so fast …I miss your wife”.

Dan Sonko with his late wife Dru and son

Please Stop

A fed-up Sonko explained that everyone’s journey in grief and finding love after death is different and people should respect that.

He added that it’s been over two years since he lost the mother of his two kids and he moved on after making peace with God and his late Wife Dru.

Danko Sonko's response

“I usually ignore such comments but I will just mention that as much as you may be entitled to your opinion, there are areas that you have no jurisdiction. Matters grieving are different and unique to every individual. I loved Dru dearly and it has been over two years now. If the time is short for you, then maybe when you go through a similar ordeal, you can chart your own path. Interesting that you say you miss her yet we don’t even know you.. but that is beside the point. I have moved on after I made peace with God and Dru. That is what matters most. Be well, be blessed and do you. 

“Interesting how people seemingly invest their emotions to a point they feel entitled to how one should live their lives…there are many of a similar mindset and they need to know that everyone’s journey in anything will never be identical. There is no guidebook. Do you#sipsporridge,” shared Dan Sonko.

Dan Sonko with his Kids
Dan Sonko's post

Dru's death

Dan lost his wife back in May 2017, days after she gave birth to their second born son named Darrell.

Druscillah developed complications while giving birth causing her to undergo an Emergency Caesarean Section. The baby was delivered safely, but unfortunately the mother slipped into a coma and remained in that condition until she lost the fight.

The father of two (Djibril and Darrell) is now dating a fellow actor and singer Bwire Ndubi.

Dan Sonko with his girlfriend Ms Bwire (Instagram)