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Prezzo’s girlfriend speaks on having an abortion

She comes clean!

Still together

The video vixen and singer also said that she is still together with Prezzo and that they have not parted ways as it is being reported.


“Kero ya nini sasa maana mimba ningebeba mimi lakini sio yeye (Prezzo) Ndio niko naye bado na kuhusu kushika ujauzito siku si nyingi.” She said.

Asked whether it was true she had an abortion, Amber Lulu said that it was not something she would want to talk about.

“Mimi sitaki kuzungumzia hiyo habari bwana na wala sitaki uiandike,” she told a Global publishers reporter.



Amber Lulu claimed the video leaked accidentally and she apologized to the public.

“Nuh and I were just hanging out. I do not love him. CMB Prezzo is not happy with what I did. I love the Kenyan rapper, and I am begging him to forgive me,” she said in an interview with a local radio station.


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