Apparently mums shouldn't wear bikinis at the beach- Maureen Waititu decries double standards over Bikini photos

Ms Waititu speaks on her Bikini photos that caused a stir

YouTuber Maureen Waititu

A few days ago, YouTuber Maureen Waititu shared a number of Bikini photos while holidaying in Diani with her Kids but unfortunately the pictures sparked mixed reactions among her 294K followers.

A section of those who commented on the photos felt that the mother of two was over exposed basing on the fact that she was rocking an animal print Bikini on the beach.

The reactions left Ms Waititu wondering why the society is always displaying double standards; one minute- be yourself and the other Not like that.


Maureen lamented that the Bikini photos got unwanted backlash, with a section saying mums should not wear Bikinis.

“Society: Be yourself

Society: No, Not like that!🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Uploaded this on IG and I got people in my DMs preaching and telling me that apparently mums shouldn't wear bikinis at the beach” posed Maureen Waititu.

However, Ms Waititu’s Twitter Family urged her not to pay attention to critics who are always cyber-bullying and talking ill of other people.

KOT Reacts

Winnie254 @AngelWaititu Trust me..ungevaa buibui ..bado wangesema ulienda kufanya nini beach basi...umevaa bikini bado wana shida...ndio binadamu sasa,lazima tuwe na vijimambo tu”

Hon. William Kabogo “@AngelWaititu And why not. My dress my choice”

Nînjîra Njeri “@AngelWaititu Damn this is beautiful 11/10. Don't let anyone tell you what to put on esp' at the beach. You are grown woman so wear whatever you want”

Dingoho “@AngelWaititu Mom of 2 looking like that . phew . mazeee u can gerrit better. Do you Mami bless us , be liberated and breakdown those structural walls. chase your happiness. Nikimalizia . naweza kununulia is wine lini”


I see no problem with wearing a bikini. In any case, most of those preaching in your DM against same are hyprocrates and actually wish their wives/gf wore same too”

Wanjirû Wanjirû “@AngelWaititu we should go swimming in jeans???? Wtf is wrong with people! DO👏🏾YOU👏🏾! Period!”

Miss Karebe “@AngelWaititu This idea that girls shouldn't, women shouldn't, mum's shouldn't.... IT HAS TO STOP!! Stop policing women! There isn't one path for all to take.”

@smallie_wambui “@AngelWaititu Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you smile everyone is judging you anyway you only here for a while~sauti sol ndo Walisema. You are stunning!”

Ruby Moon “@AngelWaititu. Ati sasa kuna watu wako offended na hii bikini lakini wako sawa na vile government inarun vitu. Continue guys, continue putting your energies in the wrong places”.


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