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7-day hunt that rescued Ciku Muiruri's daughter from kidnappers demanding Sh500K

Two suspects have since been arrested in connection to the abduction

Media personality Ciku Muiruri

In a good turn of events, Erica Gachoka, daughter of media personality Ciku Muiruri, and her friend Shanice Agose have been rescued by the police after being abducted for a week.

The two young women went missing after taking a taxi home in Nairobi's Westlands area. However, a successful police operation led to their discovery in a house in Juja Ward, Witeithie area, off Thika Highway. Two suspects who were holding them captive were apprehended.

The rescue operation unfolded when the authorities tracked down one of the suspects in the Ngoigwa area, who was found in possession of Erica's identity card.

With this lead, the police were able to locate the house where the women were being kept, approximately 10 kilometres away in Mang'u area. Erica and Shanice appeared emaciated upon their rescue, bearing the physical toll of their traumatic experience.


Inside the house, authorities discovered distressing evidence of the women's captivity. The room contained a mattress without a bed, jerrycans, a bucket, a plastic seat, cello tape, a rope, a candle, fake number plates, a hammer, and a knife.

The investigation into the incident involved a multi-agency effort, with teams monitoring the movements of the kidnappers and victims throughout the week.

The kidnappers frequently switched their mobile phones on and off while making their ransom demands.


During their abduction, the kidnappers demanded a ransom of Sh500,000 with Sh250,000 requested for each of the victims.

The families of Erica and Shanice were kept informed of the progress of the investigation, and various parties were engaged to assist in the probe.

On Monday, June 5, Ciku Muiruri took to her Facebook page to share the heartbreaking news of her missing daughter, who was kidnapped on Sunday, June 4.


The distressed mother, took to social media to seek prayers and support during the harrowing time. She shared the details of the abduction, expressing her gratitude for the power of prayer and asking her followers to join her in seeking divine intervention.


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