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A man is the easiest thing to get – Amira says after Jimal confirmed new lover

Being single is a choice for women. There is nothing like she can't get a man. A man is the easiest thing to get - Amira


Jimal Rohosafi’s ex-wife and businesswoman Amira says has declared that being single for a lady is by choice as getting a man is the easiest thing to accomplish.

In a post on social media, the content creator opined that getting the right man is where the challenge sets in.

"Being single is a choice for women. There is nothing like she can't get a man. A man is the easiest thing to get...getting the right man (is the challenge). Please don't let that go over your head."

The mother of two did not explain if the post had anything to do with her situation.


Amira parted ways with her ex-husband Jimal Marlow back in 2021.

Not even a public apology by the Nairobi businessman could make her change her mind.

Amira explained that the apology only took her back to a space she was determined to move away from, one that was characterized by darkness and disrespect.

"It's heavy, can't comprehend it right now but I ask Allah to give me grace. Some wounds just don't heal, you have to learn how to live with them." Amira wrote in response to the apology.


At the center of the couple’s woes was social media influencer, Amber Ray who was also romantically involved with Jamal at the time.

Jimal’s relationship with Amber Ray did not last either as the pair split soon afterwards and moved on swiftly.

While Amber found love in Kennedy Rapudo, Jimal charmed his way into the heart of Michelle Wangari.

The businessman confirmed being in a romantic relationship with Wangari after months of speculations that the two were an item.


The two who are expecting their first child together made the news of their relationship public in a Valentine's Day post they shared on their Instagram pages.

Jimal posted: “Nilisema nitapenda after three years na nikama imeenda haraka. (I wanted to fall in love after three years but it seems time has moved fast).”

“We are celebrating more than our Valentine’s, the best decision we ever made was having you,” Wangari wrote, referring to their unborn baby.


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