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We'll still meet, like it or not - Ajib Gathoni on reconnecting with Josh

TikToker Ajib Gathoni believes she and ex-boyfriend Josh Wonder are destined to cross paths

Ajib Gathoni

Ajib Gathoni, a popular content creator and TikToker, has talked about relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Josh Wonder, months after their breakup.

Ajib revealed their current status during an interview at the Pulse Influencer Awards on Saturday, October 7.

During the event, Ajib was spotted having a friendly conversation with Josh Wonder, sparking rumors of a possible reconciliation.


However, she clarified that they were not back together but emphasised that they are on good terms and occasionally communicate.

"No, we are not back together. I've known Josh for 2 years. Whatever happened happened. we cannot let the 2 years go down the drain just like that," she said.

Ajib acknowledged their two-year history together and expressed her belief in not burning bridges.


She emphasised that their past should not overshadow the positive aspects of their relationship, and mentioned having mutual friends who make occasional interactions unavoidable.

Despite the breakup, they greet each other and engage in cordial conversations, respecting the bond they once shared.

I don't believe in burning bridges. It was just a cordial talk. We have mutual friends so hata apende asipende ama nipende nisipende, we will still meet. We say hi to each other once in a while. Plus it's so many months later.


When asked if she would still give Josh a gift if the opportunity arose, Ajib replied affirmatively. She revealed that gift-giving is her love language, and she would willingly offer a gift to someone she cares about.

She expressed her affection by stating that she would give someone the whole world if she had the chance.


Ajib also discussed her love life, stating that she is not actively seeking a new relationship at the moment.

However, she expressed openness to the idea, emphasising that she values love. She shared her perspective, saying that when love comes her way, she would welcome it.

Ajib, who achieved the title of 1st runner-up for the Dance Influencer of the Year category at the Pulse Influencer Awards, offered her opinion on the event.


She acknowledged that everyone had expectations, and although they may not have received exactly what they hoped for, she highlighted that it's not always possible to get everything one desires.


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