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Akothee: Dangers of gossiping about your spouse to employees

Singer Akothee said that employees are temporary in employers' lives


Singer Akothee has offered advice to business owners on how to run their businesses without encountering problems with close family members.

Akothee emphasized that it is important for business owners not to grant their employees any power over their spouses, as employees are temporary helpers who can be replaced without any strings attached, unlike one's life partner.

Akothee went on to explain that gossiping about one's spouse negatively with employees can lead to the employees devaluing not only the business owner but also their spouse.


"As a family, couple, never ever give employees powers over your spouse. Employees are temporary helpers who can be replaced without strings attached not your wife nor your husband. Gossiping about your spouse negatively with your employees gives them power to devalue not only you but also your wife," Akothee wrote.

She also noted that many employees have been known to ruin people's marriages and walk away scot-free, without any consequences.

It is important for employees to only take instructions from one person at a time. They are equally human beings, and cannot be manipulated like robots.

Akothee emphasized that employees have been known to ruin good marriages and break families, all while walking away without any strings attached. Therefore, it is important to have an organized way of communication in the workplace and to avoid sending mixed signals.


"Employees should only take instructions from one person at a time. They are equally human beings, you can't all manipulate them like robots, mzee alisema hivi, mama akafanya hivi. Employees have ruined good marriages and broken families and still walked away with no strings attached. Have an organised way of communication. Stop sending signals," Akothee concluded.

In case things go south, here are 10 tips that Akothee offered to separated couples to maintain peace.

  1. Avoid unnecessary demands.
  2. Take care of your children without demanding support if you can afford it
  3. Agree on terms of visitations.
  4. Tell him / Her you are not interested and not ready for any drama or negative discussions.
  5. Limit your communication and attachments to friends you commonly share; they carry gossip.
  6. Don't stalk him/her on social media.
  7. Block anyone bringing information from both ends.
  8. Allow children access to their parents unless it's getting ugly
  9. Talk only positive things about your partner around your children, or don't mention them.
  10. Let them find out by themselves that daddy/ mommy isn't supporting them, don't be the transmitter.

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