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Akothee, Nyako exchange words in online clash

Nyako advised Akothee to steer clear of the social media app, asserting that it belonged to hustlers.


Musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee, and TikTok sensation Nyako have ignited a social media feud that has left fans bewildered.

The online clash, marked by insults and clapbacks, has taken centre stage as the two personalities engage in a war of words on live videos, leaving the online community buzzing with curiosity.

While the exact cause of their dispute remains unclear, Nyako, often dubbed the president of TikTok, took to trolling Akothee, suggesting that she married elderly white men for financial gain.

In a direct hit, Nyako advised Akothee to steer clear of the social media app, asserting that it belonged to hustlers.


She even questioned Akothee's financial status, claiming to only know one wealthy person on TikTok.

Responding to the jabs, Akothee took to a video shared online to address Nyako directly, delivering a stern warning to stop mentioning her name in TikTok videos.

Unfazed by the criticism, Akothee declared, "I am the house of insults. I can insult you until when you wake up, you cannot find anything in your head."


Acknowledging her status as a prominent figure, Akothee chose not to engage with what she referred to as 'Akothee wannabes.' However, she made it clear that she was ready to retaliate if pushed further.

"I am the only celebrity who does not chase clout. I got things to do; I am controlling my empire, baby," she asserted.

Akothee went on to challenge Nyako, daring her to continue mentioning her name. She vowed to expose Nyako and even threatened to travel to Germany to address the matter in person.


"I will insult you with true things, so do your own things. Actually, it is Akothee's name paying your bills," Akothee proclaimed.

As the social media showdown unfolds, fans are left eagerly awaiting the next move in this unexpected clash between the veteran musician and the TikTok sensation.


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