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Lucky day for parking attendant as Nyako gifts him Sh10K & new phone [Video]

Other Nyako fans who were present in the parking lot also received Sh2,000 each


A Nairobi parking attendant's fortunes took a positive turn when he encountered the benevolent TikToker Nyako, who bestowed upon him a generous bounty of goodies.

Nyako's heartwarming gesture left the attendant beaming with gratitude as she surprised him with Sh10,000 and an unboxed brand-new phone.

The attendant, who had been grappling with rent arrears, expressed his heartfelt appreciation, highlighting how the timely assistance had come to his aid when he needed it the most.

However, the parking attendant was not the sole beneficiary of Nyako's philanthropy. Those close to him were also recipients of her generosity, each receiving Sh2,000, with additional support in the form of Sh1,000.


Hailing from Germany, Nyako has garnered attention for her compassionate acts, frequently extending support to distressed Kenyans in need.

Notably, she came to the aid of Brian Chira and former Citizen TV presenter Kimani Mbugua, who had both reached out to the public for assistance.


An emotional Kimani, moved by Nyako's kindness, offered to reciprocate her goodwill by assisting her in establishing and promoting her businesses in the country.

"You have a heart bigger than the size of the world. I am here to help, and I said, as I promised, I am going to take up your branding and help you with marketing and putting all those things together.

"I am here to fulfil that promise," he expressed, with Nyako graciously acknowledging his gesture.


Nyako's commendable efforts also extended to spearheading a successful fundraising campaign that raised approximately Sh420,000 for Kimani, who was on the brink of homelessness.

Kimani's determination to bounce back, coupled with Nyako's support, serves as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and communal assistance.

Furthermore, Nyako played a pivotal role in aiding TikToker Brian Chira, extending a helping hand to guide him through his challenging times, which had placed him at odds with the law.


Nyako's dedication to supporting individuals in dire straits underscores the profound impact of selfless acts of kindness in uplifting communities and fostering a spirit of empathy and goodwill.


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