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Akothee addresses reports of husband's Pakistani background

Akothee shares 'proof' of husband Denis Schweizer's nationality amid speculation of his Pakistani background

Akothee and Denis Schweizer enjoying a vacation

Kenyan singer and businesswoman, Akothee, has finally addressed the speculations and rumors regarding the nationality of her husband, Denis Eduad Schweizer.

Over the past few weeks, social media has been awash with reports regarding the status of the couple's marriage and Denis Schweizer's background.

In a statement, Akothee said her husband was born and raised in Bern, Switzerland in 1988, hails from a family deeply rooted in Swiss culture.

His mother and relatives reside in Switzerland, where Akothee has had the opportunity to meet and spend time with them.


The singer emphasized the kindness and beauty of her husband's mother, praising her as a sweet and beautiful single mother.

She said that to safeguard her husband from online scrutiny and malicious rumors, Akothee affectionately referred to him as "Mr. Omosh" before introducing him publicly.

However, due to recent developments, including the deletion of his social media accounts and the couple's decision to keep their marriage offline, Akothee felt compelled to address the ongoing speculation.

In a firm statement, Akothee stressed the importance of privacy and requested that her personal life, particularly her marriage, be respected and left out of public discussions.


She affirmed that her marriage would not be featured in any interviews or public mentions, emphasizing her desire to keep it private.

Akothee further expressed her frustration at the unfounded rumors linking her husband to Pakistan, urging individuals to focus on more meaningful aspects of life and refrain from baseless gossip.

She also shared documentation showing Denis Schweizer's nationality.


The businesswoman shut down Kenyans who had offered the themselves to be her husband using placards on the street.

"This Pakistan thing has made chokoras think Akothee is a mystery. I met Omosh In Switzerland, so get a passport first before you hand those useless placards.Having a genuine passport might be a good first step before aspiring for more in life," she said.

Akothee concluded by saying Kenyans who create pseudo accounts to follow her life on social media after being blocked would not be condoned.


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