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Who TF Did I Marry? Akothee releases Kenyan version about Omosh [Videos]

Musician and businesswoman Akothee has divulged details of her wrangles with ex-husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer.

Photos from Akothee & Denis “Omosh Schweizer's wedding on April 10, 2023

In what seemed like her own version of ‘Who TF did I marry’ live session on TikTok on Tuesday evening, Akothee revealed some of the instances that brought conflict between them and how she handled them.

She said that Omosh tended to not keep his word, forcing her to intervene in some cases and use her money to solve the dilemmas he had created.


Akothee cited one instance where Omosh went back on an order of maize worth about Sh700,000.

She said that the maize was delivered by a national government administration official who was fulfilling the order, but upon calling Omosh to inform him that the maize had been delivered, he said he didn’t order any maize.

Akothee said that she thought that there could have been a communication breakdown during the phone call with Omosh, and she decided to go to where he was and give him the news in person.

At the time, Denis was minding the pigs he had started rearing in Akothee’s compound.


She was flabbergasted that he claimed he did not know what maize she was talking about.

“Which maize? I don’t know about any maize?” she recalled her ex-husband's reaction.

“Mahindi ilikuwa ya county commissioner amekuja na OCS. Mahindi imefuatwa na Mahindra,” she added.

After the back and forth, Akothee decided to open the gate and the two lorries parked inside the compound, as she tried to think of an explanation to give the commissioner about Omosh's sudden change of heart.


She offered to host the guest for a meal and in the meantime, her brother arrived and tried to talk to Omosh to remind him of the order. Omosh denied again.

She was forced to release the OCS and commissioner, saying that it was too late to talk business and thus buying her more time to talk it over with her former husband.

Akothee had to devise a way to handle the bulk maize order that was now in her compound.

“Usiku tumeongea nikasema niko na connection, wacha nipigie walimu marafiki zangu niwaulize kama niwapelekee mahindi. I called the principals who are my friends and they allowed us to supply the maize.

“Omosh akaskia kumbe hii biashara ya mahindi iko na pesa akadandia,” she said.


According to her, Omosh started suggesting that they start a business to supply maize to schools. She was forced to shut him down.

Akothee then suggested that they had to fuel the lorries which had brought the maize and Omosh offered to do it.

She implored her brother to sign a contract with Denis aka Omosh, to ensure he kept his commitment to fuel the cars back to Migori, which would cost about Sh50,000.

Her brother said it was not necessary. The next morning she asked Omosh what mode of payment he would use to pay for the fuel. Again, he pretended not to know what she was talking about.


She was forced to transfer money from her account to cater for the fuel costs.

In another instance, Akothee said that Denis aka Omosh used to take actions without her knowledge despite living in her house.

Akothee said that one day she was surprised to find out that he had constructed a place to rear pigs in her compound.


“Akianza kujenga hiyo nyumba ya nguruwe ata mimi nilishtuka,” she said.

The pigsty was built within two weeks and he did not buy the right breed of pigs, resulting in huge losses. Akothee said the pigs would consume about Sh200,000 per week.

“Wakati tulianza kusumbuana nikawachiwa nguruwe ni-feed” she said.

In protest, Akothee decided to sell all the pigs and send Omosh the money.


Akothee also claimed that Omosh was freeloading in her house.

“He lived in my house for six months. Kama angeishi kwa 5-star hotel at Sh45,000 per day, do the math,” she said.

“I am paid an appearance fee of Sh1.6 million. Here, he used to see me every day, how much should he have paid to see me every day for 6 months?” she added.

Akothee was eventually forced to leave the marriage. She said that fortunately for her, the only proof of marriage was the extravagant wedding that Denis had paid for.

This meant that there were no legal procedures to finalise the divorce because they did not have a marriage certificate.


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