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Alikiba's wife Amina Khalef sternly warns Diamond over disrespect

Diamond and Alikiba have had their online exchanges that have seen Amina's name pop up.

Alikiba's wife Amina Khalef

Amina Khalef, the estranged wife of Tanzanian superstar Alikiba, has broken her silence in response to recent comments made by Diamond during his exchange with Kiba.

In a fiery retort, Amina expressed her disdain for Diamond's remarks, labelling them as disrespectful and lacking thoughtfulness.

Comparing the exchange between the two music icons to a battle of beasts, Amina condemned the involvement of innocent individuals in their conflicts and grudges.

She voiced her concern over the diminishing respect for women, highlighting the importance of human decency in distinguishing men from beasts.


"It is absurd, malicious, and ultimately weird involving innocent humans in conflicts/grudges. Condemn a high level of disrespect for women.

"Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? Human decency is inviolable," warned Amina Khalef.


The remarks that triggered Amina's response were made by Diamond, who claimed to have outshined Alikiba in all aspects of music, despite discovering him in the industry.

Diamond even insinuated that Alikiba's wife was aware of his statements, drawing a line between them and adding fuel to the feud.

“Asa Malkia we umewekeza kwenye production gani wakati video yangu moja ni sawa na video zako 20...Audio yangu moja ni sawa na Audio zako 20.

"Tatizo unaokaa nao hawakwambii ukweli, wanakudanganya & na ndio maana nimekukuta kwenye muziki na nimekupita kila kitu, kimauzo, kituzo, kifollowers, subscribers, viewers, listeners, ki bei za show, kimaendelo, kiufupi kila kitu... kibebes usiongee maana habari yangu hadi na Amina nazani Unayo.


"[What kind of production have you invested in when one of my videos is equal to twenty of yours? One of my audios is equivalent to twenty of yours. The problem you're facing is that the people you surround yourself with don't tell you the truth.

"[That's why I found you in the music industry and surpassed you in everything: sales, awards, followers, subscribers, viewers, listeners, show prices, progress, in short, everything. Don't talk about me, I think even Amina has information about me,]" Diamond said.

However, Diamond later clarified that the online exchanges were not meant to be personal attacks but rather a means to stir up the Tanzania music industry from its slumber.


He stressed that the rivalry between musicians was part of the game, and there was no serious animosity.

"Wanamuziki wengine tunazinguana lakini its nothing serious, to me it’s not serious... tunacharuana game ilikua imelala sana lazima tuamshe," Diamond asserted.

The two artists have been greatly involved in music shows in Tanzania and the region which have also added to their contest of who is the best.


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