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Chart-topping secret: Diamond shares his music formula for conquering Africa

Diamond is not only among the top artists in Tanzania but also across the continent

Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz has shared his winning approach to creating music that not only tops charts in Tanzania but also resonates with audiences across the continent.

In an interview with Millard Ayo TV, Diamond revealed that he takes the preferences of specific markets into serious consideration before releasing any music, a strategy that has proven successful for some of his songs.

Drawing from the example of Tanzania, Diamond emphasized the demand for songs that can set the party vibe or delve into themes of relationships, particularly appreciated when sung in Swahili.

On the other hand, the international market favours English songs that are danceable and resonate with a wider global audience.


"Nje wanapenda nyimbo za vionjo au kizungu, 'My baby' nimeimba kwa kizungu ndio maana unaona Nigeria imekaa namba moja pale na sehemu nyingine.

" 'Shu' ilikua ni wimbo wa vibe ndio maana unaona wanacheza Wazungu wengi alafu 'Enjoy' wimbo wa Watanzania," explained Diamond.


However, Diamond noted that fans sometimes discourage artists from experimenting with new styles by harshly criticizing them whenever they step out of their comfort zone.

The singer urged fans to be more supportive and patient, as artists often face challenges while trying to expand their reach into different markets.

"Mashabiki wakati mwingine ndio wanaovunjaga moyo Wanamuziki. Mtu akitoa wimbo wake wa mpinduko wanaanza kumshambulia kumtukana," said Diamond.

He further emphasized that fans should leave the criticism to the artists themselves and avoid unnecessary beefing.


Instead, he believes that unity and encouragement from fans can open doors for artists to go international and expand their fan base.

“Unajua huu mziki huu kila nchi ina soko lake na mziki wake, wanamuziki wanapojaribu mziki wasiwashambulie watuache sisi wenyewe kwa wenyewe tunataniana tunachekana.

"Ukiangalia zile challenge za 'Shu' Wazungu watupu na Wachina kwahiyo ina maana ningewasikiliza Watu ningeikatia tamaa," he passionately shared.


The singer further addressed industry beefs which have seen online exchanges between him and Ali Kiba.

Diamond said the online exchanges activate the industry which has been dormant and even make fans more eager to attend their shows.

He praised the music released by all the Tanzanian artists terming them all as good.


Still around music, Zuchu has come to the defence of her boss Diamond Platnumz after claims he copies Nigerian artists.

Zuchu said her boss like every other artist gets inspiration from somewhere and his music is a reflection of the inspiration he gets.

"Music is an inspiration hakuna Msanii ambaye anaweza kupata idea mwenyewe, kila Mtu anakuwa inspired na Mtu ndio anapata mziki kwahiyo it’s all inspiration, hakunaga kitu kama ku-copy ni kuzaa kitu kipya... kwenye kila idea inazaa kitu kipya," Zuchu said.

Zuchu has also a single 'Honey' which has gotten good reception from her fans.


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