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TikToker explains why she showed Kenyans the number plates of her new car

Alma Mutheu shared the images of her new car leaving a number of her fans concerned because the car could be easily identified with its number plate.

Alma Mutheu [Instagram]

Kenyan TikToker Alma Mutheu started the year on a high note and she has now acquired a new car after many months of toiling.

Alma took photos of her sleek ride and shared them with her fans stating: "Someone once told me that the strongest weapon is silence and hard work! And when the time is right, the Lord himself makes it happen! Thank you God for my first ride."

Thee Pluto and Moya David were among the first Kenyan celebrities to congratulate the TikToker for her achievement.


Fans, however, noticed that she didn't mind the plates on the car being seen and some proceeded to speculate on whether she owns the car or not.

In an interview with YouTuber Commentator 254, Alma explained why she didn't hide the number plate like other celebrities normally do when unveiling their rides.

"People knew that I already had the car since I always go out with it for shoots but I honestly didn't know that photos of my car would go viral after sharing them.

"Mimi sikuona kama kuficha number plate ingesaidia kusema tu ukweli. I just hope hakuna mtu atanikidnap. (I don't think it was necessary to hide the number plates, to be honest, and I'm hoping that I won't be kidnapped in that case)," said Alma.


She added that she was aware that the plates were visible before sharing the images on her social media handles but it doesn't bother her.

Alma has now joined the league of fellow content creators whose lifestyles have drastically changed due to their line of work, these include Sammy Kioko, Eve Mungai, and Vinnie Baite after acquiring her first car.


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