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Last minute call that saved Alpha Mwana Mtule after getting poisoned

The singer said after hours at his house, he lost consciousness and only woke up in a hospital bed.

Musician Alpha Mwana Mtule

Musician and comedian Alpha Mwana Mtule has finally detailed the circumstances surrounding his poisoning after receiving an invitation to perform at an event in Rongai.

Mwana Mtule gained notoriety for his mimicry of movie commentator DJ Afro and explained that he was hired to do the mimicyry at the event in Rongai.

During an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Mwana Mtule recounted being served food at the gathering before delivering his performance for the client who had invited him. After the event, he made his way back home.

"Kuna msee aliniita nifanye imitation ya DJ Afro na ni watu new kwangu, kwa bash tulipewa food na nkama sahani nlipewa hikuwa yangu after apo nlipewa pesa yangu nkamua nrudi home," he said.


Along the way, he noticed something was amiss as he started feeling weak and experiencing tremors.

Immediately, he reached out to a few friends to inform them of his condition, including his neighbor, whom he asked for assistance.

"Nlikal a few friends nlale kwa a friend sababu sikuwa nafeel poa at all, my neighbour ndio alinishow nkama I had been poisoned, the neighbours called a few friends who got me to my house but nlikua in a bad state," he narrated.


The singer revealed that it required significant effort to transport him home as he felt increasingly weak, and his nose began to bleed.

According to Mwana Mtule, he does not have any enemies who might have poisoned him and is still attempting to ascertain why he was targeted for poisoning at a party where he claimed he did not personally know anyone.


One of the individuals he contacted was Jaguar's producer, to whom he explained his deteriorating health and the scent resembling that of a toilet cleaner emanating from his mouth.

"Information nlipatia producer wa Jaguar nkama hakupeana vile inafaa sababu alisema nimekunywa sumu but mimi siezi kunywa sumu na siezi laumu Jaguar sababu yeye pia alipewa wrong information," he said.

Mwana Mtule suggested that this might have been the point at which misinformation began to spread, leading to the claim that he had ingested a toilet cleaner.

After attempting various home remedies for several hours, Mwana Mtule was eventually taken to the hospital, where the doctors indicated that he had been admitted somewhat late but just in time to save his life.


The singer said he lost consciousness and only woke up in a hospital bed.

Mwana Mtule also dismissed rumours of his depression, asserting that he is a highly talented individual who has never experienced depression.

The singer requested prayers and support to aid his recovery and promised to return to release more high-quality music and content.


Mwana Mtule also said he has reported the incident to the police which they are following up on.


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