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Alpha Mwana Mtule's discharge from KNH hits hurdle, singer says he's confused

His plea has caught the attention of comedian Eric Omondi, who has also joined the appeal to assist Mwana Mtule

Musician Alpha Mwana Mtule

Gospel singer Alpha Mwana Mtule is bewildered after Kenyatta National Hospital stated that he must settle a bill of Sh450,000 before being discharged.

The singer, who suffered poisoning at a party, expressed confusion as he had already paid Sh462,000, a sum contributed by good Samaritans.

Despite being in the hospital for a while, he claimed that the hospital refused to discharge him until the full amount was cleared.

Taking to his Instagram page, the singer appealed to the public for assistance in raising the remaining amount for his discharge.


"Hello family ukiwa uko na uwezo Wakunisaidia nisaidie tu Naskia Watu wanasema Mimi nafake.

"Nimekua discharged na Kenyatta hospital. But balance yao ni 450k Mimi mwenyewe ata sielewi vile kumeenda 😞 ju niliwapea ,462k Shs yenye mlinichangia asanteni family 🙏

"But Sasa saizi nafaa KUWA home wamenizuiya. Mpaka niwape balance yao 450k am confused kidogo," wrote Alpha.


His plea has caught the attention of comedian Eric Omondi, who has also joined the appeal to assist Mwana Mtule in settling the outstanding balance and getting discharged.

Mwana Mtule, known for his mimicry of movie commentator DJ Afro, explained that he was hired to perform the imitation at an event in Rongai. After the performance, he returned home, but later suffered poisoning.

He was admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital private wing, where he received treatment.

Mwana Mtule's wife, Celestine, appealed to friends, fellow musicians, and industry players to support him during this challenging time and contribute to his recovery.

"What I am here to appeal to is friends wa Alpha, Alpha ako na marafiki wengi sana, the musicians, watu Alpha amefanya nao collabo for heavens sake you guys mbona hamuezi simama na Alpha at this time?" she posed.


Despite being unable to talk and move at some points during his illness, a number of media personalities turned up to support the singer.


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