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Alvan Love taunts excavator operator who demolished mum’s house in Athi River

Alvan Love's mum was among the many families whose houses were flattened following Ruto's order to reclaim the land which is said to have been illegally acquired

TikTok sensation Alvan Love

TikTok sensation and Alvan Love recently took to his social media platform to share his thoughts on the controversial house demolitions taking place in Athi River, Machakos County.

Sarcastically, he commended the excavator operator responsible for bringing down his mother's house, reflecting on the larger context of the government's land reclamation efforts.

Alvan Love's mother was among tens of residents affected, and he used TikTok as a platform to express his views on the situation.

In his TikTok post, Alvan Love 'congratulated' the excavator operator for the precision and effectiveness of the demolition, acknowledging that those watching were on edge during the process.


"Haiya, huyu ni wewe? Ulifanya kazi poa sana. Vile ulikuwa unafinya izo nyumba tulikuwa tunahara na kujikojolea kidogo kidogo, siwezi kukasirikiaa hata, ulikuwa job," Alvan said.

Alvan went on to share the personal impact of the demolitions on his family, particularly his mother, who faced the risk of homelessness due to her kidney issues.


He revealed that the house was built to provide her with easy access to healthcare services in Nairobi.

"My mum, who is frail and battling kidney failure, needed this home. We brought her from the village so she could be closer to healthcare here in Nairobi.

"Now, where will she sleep tomorrow? Yes, she can stay with me, but there are countless others whose homes mean so much to them, and they are about to be demolished by people who seem to lack compassion and a conscience," Alvan said.


The demolitions in Athi River were initiated based on President William Ruto's directive, where he emphasised the need to reclaim land fraudulently acquired.

According to Ruto, the land should be transferred to the Export Processing Zone (EPZ).

The demolitions targeted multimillion luxury homes, churches, schools, and other structures following a ruling by the Machakos High Court, which declared the occupation of the land as illegal.

East Africa Portland Cement had successfully won a legal dispute that allowed them to evict squatters from the 1,740-hectare parcel of land, as the claimants failed to provide adequate ownership documents.


The process of evicting residents from the expansive land began in November 2022, with former Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria disclosing the government's intention to use the facility for cargo storage.

While the demolitions have evoked mixed reactions from various quarters, leaders from the region including Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti, have criticised Ruto's approval of the demolitions.


They contend that the government should explore alternative solutions for the affected residents.

Amid the controversy and diverse opinions surrounding the Athi River demolitions, some leaders have called on Kenyans to exercise vigilance when purchasing property to avoid potential entanglements in similar situations.


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