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'King of Roofing' shakes up the construction industry with trending styles

Musa says he once ordered the complete demolition of a roof due to his conception of a more brilliant idea

Musa the King of Roofing [Photo: Nicholas Kioko]

The mastermind behind the latest trending roofs in Kenya, Musa Kitumi, also known as Musa the King of Roofing, has finally broken his silence following the online praise for his remarkable work.

In an exclusive interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Musa revealed that he initially started his journey in the construction industry back in 2016, offering his assistance and learning a few tricks along the way.

However, Musa had a change of heart and expressed his belief that his talent for roofing is a divine blessing from God.


He humbly stated that he does not attribute his skill to learning from others, but rather sees it as a natural talent bestowed upon him.

Musa revealed that he completed his education up to Class 3, emphasizing that his academic journey didn't extend further.

Despite not pursuing higher education at a university, Musa confidently stated that the unique roofing designs he creates are entirely his own ideas.


Musa maintains a regular presence at construction sites while houses are being built, ensuring his active involvement throughout the process.

Recounting a specific incident, he shared an anecdote where he made the bold decision to order the complete demolition of a roof due to his conception of a more brilliant idea.

According to Musa, the initial roof design had received widespread criticism and was perceived as unsightly.


However, he took it upon himself to change the narrative, implementing his innovative approach.

As a result, people began to appreciate and admire the transformation that followed the initial setback.

Confident in his abilities, Musa proudly declared that he executes his work with precision. Despite using ordinary nails, he emphasized the difficulty in detecting their use, showcasing his meticulous craftsmanship.

Furthermore, when called to a roofing project, Musa asserted that he disregards the initial plan, relying solely on his unique techniques to deliver exceptional results.


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