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Clever bribe that shielded Aslay from teacher's wrath after missing school for a concert

Aslay resorted to bribing the teacher after missing lessons to perform in Mtwara, Tanzania.

Bongo Flava star Aslay

Bongo Flava star Aslay, in a video shared by Millard Ayo, recounted an incident from his high school days when he confessed to bribing his teacher after being absent from school for three days.

Aslay explained that he couldn't turn down the opportunity to perform at a concert, emphasizing that he was still a high school student at the time.

He went on to share that he had secured a gig in Mtwara, Tanzania, where he performed and received payment of approximately Tsh400K (Sh23K) after the show.


Aslay returned to school after the show, only to discover that he was in trouble for missing classes for three days.

He found himself facing a confrontation with a teacher who was prepared to take disciplinary action against him.

However, Aslay decided to resolve the situation by offering a bribe to the teacher in order to avoid punishment.

"Nilisafiri nikaenda Mtwara nikapiga changu kimeo nikapata kama laki tatu nne hivi. Nilipofika hapo sijaonekana shule kama siku tatu hivi, mm sasa mwalimu alitaka kunipiga nikamminyia kama thelathini," Aslay said.


According to Aslay, the teacher only asked him to go have some rest after receiving the bribe.

Aslay, however, declined to reveal the name of the teacher or even the subject they taught.

Continuing to delve into his high school life, he admitted that female teachers loved his songs.


According to Aslay, he was never punished in high school, apart from one teacher who only pinched him.

Aslay explained that the teacher only did so to show other students that he, Aslay, is just a normal student like them and not a star.

According to Aslay, on the day when the teacher pinched him, the teacher had gathered other students to witness the incident after Aslay failed to complete certain subjects.

Describing his personality, Aslay mentioned that he was just an ordinary student in class and that he used to buy snacks for his classmates since he had money.


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