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Aslay counters claim that women & drinking ruined his music career

Aslay released his first hit single 'Nitakusema' when he was 12 years old but has had an unsteady career in the music industry despite his early peak.

Tanzanian singer Aslay

Bongo sensation Aslay Isihaka Nassoro has responded to remarks made by talent manager Mkubwa Fella, who attributed Aslay's decline to indulgence in alcohol and women.

Mkubwa Fella who is a talent manager that discovered Aslay and the Yamoto Band members said Aslay got into women and drinking at an early age.

Aslay who is now 27 years released his first hit 'Nitakusema' at age 12 years had an upward trajectory in music until things dipped.

In a recent interview with East Africa Radio, Aslay addressed the criticism while also shedding light on his path to independence after the split of the music group Yamoto Band.


While acknowledging the support he received from Fella as a guardian in the industry, Aslay expressed his disagreement with being perceived as a child in need of guidance.

"Unajua Mkubwa anaamini bado mimi ni mtoto, hajui kama huyu sasa hivi keshakua na sasa hivi ana watoto

"[Mkubwa still thinks I'm a child. He hasn't realised I grew up and I have my own children now]," the 'Natamba' singer asserted.

Regarding the allegations of alcohol consumption, Aslay admitted to enjoying drinks but emphasised that he is not the worst drunk in the Tanzanian music scene.

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He attributed Mkubwa Fella's concerns to his paternal instincts, indicating that it is a result of the caring relationship they share.

Aslay clarified that while Fella's comments might hold some truth, they should not be misconstrued to label him as a heavy drinker.


Addressing claims that he was the reason behind Yamoto Band's split due to his pursuit of an independent career, Aslay set the record straight.

He revealed that all the group members, Enock Bella, Mbosso, Beka Flavour and himself, were already considering independent paths.

"Sijawa chanzo chochote cha Yamoto kuvunjika, kipindi kina Rayvanny wanaanza kutoka kila mtu macho yake yalikua yashaanza kuona mbele," Aslay clarified, indicating that the decision to explore individual music journeys was a collective one and not solely driven by him.


Aslay highlighted that by the time the group embarked on international tours, each member had already achieved success with their solo hits.

The 'Pusha' crooner is currently working on new music and has already released an Extended Play (EP) album '10+100', with a number of singles and collaborations.


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