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Autopsy on Rita Tinina reveals cause of death

An autopsy has revealed the cause of NTV journalist Rita Tinina's death

Rita Tinina

Rita Tinina, known for her impactful journalism and dedication, tragically passed away due to severe pneumonia, according to an autopsy conducted by pathologist Dr. Peter Ndegwa.

This news comes after Tinina was found unresponsive in her home, following days of battling epilepsy and fever.

Her death had sparked an outpouring of tributes from colleagues and admirers, emphasizing her warm personality and professional excellence.


Tinina's commitment to storytelling was unmatched, as she was finalizing a significant report before her untimely death.

Rita passed away at her home in Kileleshwa on Sunday, March 17.

According to the house help, Tinina was unresponsive in her bed when she went to her room to wake her up for breakfast.

Elsewhere at NTV, her colleagues were concerned that she had not shown up for work as expected, sparking a frantic search for her whereabouts.

Unfortunately NTV's Editor in Chief Joe Ageyo later confirmed to his colleagues that she had passed on.


According to a report made to the police, the veteran journalist was suffering from epilepsy and she also had a severe fever that lasted about five days.

The family had requested privacy during this time of mourning as they come to terms with the unfortunate incident.

“On behalf of the family, this has come as a shock to us and we are really trying to digest and at the moment we request for the privacy that is accorded to the family. More information will come later,” said a family member.

The body was moved to Umash Funeral home under police escort as colleagues gathered to mourn their departed journalist.


Nation Media Group's Editor-in-Chief, Joe Ageyo, has shared his profound experiences with the late Rita Tinina, painting a picture of a journalist whose impact stretched far beyond the newsroom.

Rita Tinina, affectionately known among peers as RT, embarked on her journalistic journey over two decades ago.

Throughout her career, she was celebrated not just for her exceptional reporting skills but for the remarkable person she was.


Ageyo reminisced about Rita's simplicity, grace, and integrity, highlighting her as a figure who remained grounded despite her professional achievements.

Rita's career was marked by her exceptional ability to dive deep into stories, making her an indispensable asset in covering significant events like the historic Kenyan cases at The Hague.

Her dedication to her craft was evident in her meticulous preparation and natural flair in front of the camera.

Ageyo fondly recalled Rita's lead role in NTV's County Edition, where she showcased an unparalleled knack for immersing herself in local cultures and delivering detailed reports as if she were a native.


Her technical skills were just as impressive, earning her the nickname ‘editor’ for her prowess in video editing—a rare feat among TV reporters at the time.

The bond between Ageyo and Tinina was not just professional but deeply personal.

Rita's dedication to her work was paralleled by her commitment to mentoring younger journalists, always with a gentle nudge and a smile.

Her philosophy of 'proper planning prevents problems' resonated throughout the newsroom, reflecting her proactive approach to work and life.


Rita's journey took a significant turn when Ageyo, stepping into his role as Managing Editor at KTN in 2012, sought to assemble an 'A' team ahead of a crucial election.

"When I requested to her to come and help me on my mission, she never hesitated, never argued and never bargained for her salary, just get me a good deal', she said, and a few days later she resigned and came on board.

"And for the following five years, we did some amazing journalism and even launched a news channel, for which she became a key pillar," Ageyo said.


This partnership was renewed years later when Ageyo, now Editor-in-Chief at Nation Media Group, convinced Rita to take on an editor role amidst a newsroom reorganization, aiming to adapt to the evolving demands of the audience.

Tragically, Rita's promising return was cut short.

She was working on a special report that would have marked her on-air comeback and collaborating with Ageyo on another story.

Her passion for 'small' stories, particularly those focused on the environment and animals, underscored her belief in the power of journalism to highlight every aspect of life, big or small.


Joe Ageyo's tribute to Rita Tinina is a heartfelt reminder of the profound impact one individual can have on their colleagues, their profession, and the stories they tell.

Rita's legacy is a beacon for journalists everywhere—a call to embrace humanity, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence in their work.

As the media industry mourns the loss of Rita Tinina, it also celebrates the vibrant legacy she leaves behind, a legacy that will continue to inspire future generations of journalists to approach their craft with the same passion, dedication, and warmth that Rita embodied.


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