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Awinja's rib-tickling Marriage Finance Bill to Ruto

Awinja says men should be taxed for marrying a second wife

Actress Awinja

Actress Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, visited State House during the launch of the Talanta Hela programme and presented her own proposal to President William Ruto.

During her interview with Eve Mungai, Awinja arrived with a briefcase, stating that it contained documents to advocate for women's rights, as men have historically underestimated women for a long time.

For instance, she suggested that the government should impose a 30 per cent fine on men if their wives discover messages from other women on their phones or if they receive intimate photos from other women.


Eve tried to explain that such matters are often considered family problems, but Awinja interrupted, stating that they were aiming to bring some form of order to marriages.

"I have told Ruto that we want to introduce the second wife tax such that men should pay a 50 per cent tax upon marrying a second wife," Awinja said.

She further proposed that the tax should be increased to 100 per cent if a husband intends to marry a third wife.

Awinja also expressed her concern about men spending excessive time, more than five hours, at massage parlors. She suggested that they should be taxed for such visits to discourage the habit.


When asked about her fellow actor, Osoro, whom they pretended to marry in one of their skits, she jokingly commented that he was roaming around, perhaps in search of a second wife, and maybe he was unaware of the tax imposed on second wives.

Awinja also shared her thoughts on the Talanta Hela launch, stating that it was not the first program of its kind but expressed hope that it would bring positive change to the industry.


She emphasized the importance of the program's leaders taking an active role in implementing its vision and mentioned that she would be willing to assist wherever possible.

Regarding the revocation of the committee initially established for Talanta Hela, Awinja expressed the belief that genuine individuals should be chosen for the positions to ensure wholehearted representation of others.


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