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Azziad's explanation for no more personal portrait purchases

Azziad has revealed that she won't be buying her portraits from artists and here is why

Azziad Nasenya

During a recent live chat on TikTok, Azziad Nasenya who is a popular social media influencer, addressed allegations that she does not adequately compensate artists who create portraits of her on the platform.

Azziad has announced that she will no longer be purchasing portraits as she finds it difficult to fathom the amount of artwork she could acquire within a single week.

She requested her followers to empathize with her decision to stop buying images, as she mentioned that numerous individuals draw her every week.


“I wish you are in my position, you could understand why I am saying that. Do you know how many people draw me in a week? Nowadays, I can only say thank you if someone draws me.

“Back then, I used to say, you draw me without my consent, is okay, and I buy because they are artists. I can’t keep on doing that. How much art will I buy in a week?” Azziad asked.

Azziad, who has experienced cyberbullying, advised her followers during a live session to report such incidents to the authorities and not allow them to affect their mental well-being.

“If someone comes for you online, come for them with the law. Don’t let people mess with your mental health out there,” she said.


Azziad became an internet sensation in 2020 when she danced to 'Utawezana' by Femi One and Mejja. However, her critics attacked her with derogatory comments, but she did not give up.

The TikToker later revealed that the trolls were affecting her mental health and causing her to cry herself to sleep.

"Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be on the screen. This is still the dream that I am working to pursue. All the way from Primary my teachers were able to spot my talents even before I did and I guess that gave me a lot of psyche and determination to keep on keeping on. I have never been a quitter, not that I am perfect, no.


"I am still struggling to find my right path, but one thing I was taught is to always be a fighter...and I believe that has helped me achieve the little success that is coming my way. 'She is overrated', they say. 'She ain’t talented', they add. 'She will wear off', some pray, and many more that I may not be able to quote... I've cried myself to sleep ..tossing and turning each Night asking The Almighty what I had done to deserve all this," Azziad wrote.

That notwithstanding, Azziad has continued to do what she does best and as it stands now, anyone keenly following her knows that she stands on the winning side of things.


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