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Wasafi takes a break on signing new artists

The last artist to be signed under the label was Zuchu in April 2020

Babu Tale and Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz's manager, Babu Tale, has shed light on the cautious approach taken by the Wasafi label when it comes to signing new artists.

In an interview with YouTuber Millard Ayo, Babu Tale explained that the departures of Rayvanny and Harmonize from the label had made them hesitant about bringing in new talent.

"Tumepata hofu, tulikua tunasaini faster lakini tumepata hofu, baada ya kuondoka kwa Rayvanny, Harmonize na Rich Mavoko.

"[We have become fearful; we used to sign artists quickly, but after the departure of Rayvanny, Harmonize, and Rich Mavoko, we became cautious,]" Babu Tale revealed.


Addressing the substantial fees charged to artists when they wish to leave the label, Babu Tale defended the practice, emphasizing that it is a standard procedure. He stated that artists pay no less than Sh29 million (Tsh500 million) to terminate their contracts.

"Ni utaratibu tu, biashara ya kumtegeneza msanii ni safari ndefu sana na hata izo ambazo tunawacharge ni hela ndogo, hazina thamani za kile tumengeneza kwa yule msanii.

"[It's just a procedure. Developing an artist's career is a long journey, and even the amounts we charge are small compared to the value we have created for that artist.]" he clarified.


However, Babu Tale clarified that not all artists are required to pay an exit fee, citing the example of Rich Mavoko, who left without making any payment and has not faced any legal consequences.

Currently, Wasafi has four signed artists: Lavalava, Mbosso, Diamond's sister Queen Darleen, and Zuchu. Despite being cautious about new signings, the label continues to support and nurture its existing talent.


Babu Tale, who is also a member of parliament, commended Diamond for his business-oriented approach, noting that his decisions in the music industry have had a significant impact.

"Hatusemi kwamba Diamond ameshape industry, lakini misimamo ya kibiashara ambayo Diamond amechukua industry imechukua laini kwamba hii ni biashara.

"[We are not saying that Diamond has shaped the industry, but the business stance he has taken has influenced the industry in such a way that it has become more business-oriented,]" Babu Tale praised.

Diamond is not just the top artist in East Africa but also in the continent.


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