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I wanted to make it right, but it was too late - Bahati’s tell-all on late brother Kyalo

Bahati opens up about the strained relationship he had with his late brother & the regrets he has

Singer Kevin Bahati & his wife Diana Marua

Kenyan singer Kevin Bahati, known professionally as Bahati, on Thursday opened up about his lesser-known siblings, including his late brother Kyalo Kioko.

During a candid conversation with his wife, Diana Marua, on her YouTube channel on Thursday July 20, Bahati shared glimpses of their early background and the challenges they faced before the passing of their mother.

Bahati's emotional account shed light on his late brother's struggles with diabetes and the regret he felt for not fully appreciating their bond before Kyalo's passing.


Bahati revealed that they were four siblings, with a sister named Shiro and his late brother, Kyalo, being the second-born.

"We were born four. I have a sister, she is called Shiro, then there is Kioko the second born. We have Ndirang'o, and then we had Kyalo.

"Kyallo passed on when I was still in the children's home. We had passed through a lot because of the situations we've gone through, Everyone has fought to be someone," Bahati said.


Their family was among the poorest in their village, located in Machakos County. From an early age, they faced adversity, motivating each family member to strive for a better life.

Tragedy struck the family when Bahati's mother passed away. Kyalo was in Class 4 at the time and had already dropped out of school.

He began hustling to survive, facing immense pressure due to the difficult circumstances. His comfort eventually became alcohol, leading to strained relationships within the family.


"For my late brother it was worse, when my mu passed on he was in class 4, he had dropped out of school, we are there trying to survive...He started hustling and all that. Because of that pressure and all i think his comfort was in alcohol. After sometime my brother was diagnosed with diabetes," he said.

Bahati and Kyalo's relationship was strained due to alcohol-related conflicts. Bahati was focused on his religious activities, attending Redeemed Gospel Church and abstaining from alcohol.

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He admitted to judging his brother for his drinking habits and even wrote him off at times. It took time for Bahati to realize the importance of compassion and understanding that life is short.

"Personally I have been a person who fights so much with other people over drinks. I have not been a friend of alcohol. Me and my brother used to fight a lot. I was the kind of person juu nilikua naendaga Redeemed [church] naomba, mimi ni mtu wa kufast, naenda kesha, nikipata amelewa ningemjudge.

"I even wrote him off as a brother. Ni ule mtu he could do anything to me. But I always felt like wewe juu unalewa na mi naendaga kudance Redeemed Gospel Church, I am holy," he continued.


Unfortunately, Bahati's realization of the importance of bonding with his brother came late.

By the time he started to comprehend the value of love and time spent with loved ones, Kyallo's health had deteriorated.

"By the time I started bonding with my brother and understanding that life is short and that we all need to be loved, it was so late," he said.

Kyalo was diagnosed with diabetes and had to undergo surgery. Tragically, Bahati's brother passed away after a brief hospitalization, leaving him with profound regret and a lesson learned about cherishing precious moments with loved ones.

"The health was bad. and I think I realized after he was admitted to Mbagathi, after alifanyiwa surgery. I went there for like an hour or 45 minutes. Getting home naambiwa mtu amepass," he said.


According to Bahati, the experience taught him the importance of valuing family bonds and the significance of time spent with loved ones.

He expressed deep remorse for not fully appreciating Kyalo's presence during his lifetime, acknowledging that you never know how much time you have with someone.


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