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Court orders influencer to pay Nonini Sh1M over Instagram post

Social media influencer Brian Mutinda will pay Nonini for using his song 'Wekamu' without his consent

Influencer Brian Mutinda (left) and rapper Nonini

US-based Genge rapper Hubert Mbuku Nakitare, known as 'Nonini', has won a copyright case against influencer Brian Mutinda almost one year after taking him to court for using his song in an advertisement without his consent.

In July 2022, Nonini posted that Synix Electronics had used his song 'Wekamu' without his permission. He added another post on January 26 of this year stating that he would unpin his post only after the whole matter was settled.

Nonini is now a happy man after the court ordered influencer Mutinda to pay him Sh1 million for using his work without permission.


The rapper has since shared several posts on his social media pages stating that he would like to be compensated by the influencer by Monday.

"I have several copyright infringement cases in court that have been running simultaneously some for several years.

"Today March 23rd 2023 will go down in history (Year of the Jordan)and is a win for the Kenyan Music Industry. #Mgenge2ru vs the people who used my song 'Wekamu' to push a product. In wise words of 50cent, I'm gonna need that by Monday," Nonini wrote.

The rapper urged his fellow Kenyan musicians to tighten their belts when it comes to protecting their work and to always ensure that they pursue anyone who tries to infringe on their copyrights.


"In short, Kenyan musicians go get what's rightfully yours from anyone who infringes on your copyright. General damages plus the cost of suit and interest! I'm gonna need that by Monday," Nonini concluded.

Brian Mutinda has had a bumpy ride in his career as an influencer. Apart from the Nonini case, he was also sued by Wakadinali.


The drill rap group sued Mutinda for using their song 'Geri Inegi' in one of his content pieces. The group said attempts to resolve the matter out of court had hit a snag.

“It is with great sadness that we bring this to the public, our music was being infringed upon by some entities and we tried to resolve it privately but they refused to settle with us,” Wakidanali said.

The influencer was required to issue an apology on his social media pages as well as on the pages where his client published content with the song.


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