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Caroline Mutoko, Donald Kipkorir slam Kenyans for attacking Naomi Campbell over Magical Kenya deal

If you know me I can’t allow you to be ignorant in public- Ms Mutoko

Naomi Campbell with Caroline Mutoko

Media Personality Caroline Mutoko and city Lawyer Donald Kipkorir have slammed Kenyans for attacking model Naomi Campbell after she was named the Magical Kenya International Tourism Ambassador.

In a video, Ms Mutoko said that Kenyans should be ashamed for making noise about Campbell’s appointment out of ignorance.

According to her, Campbell is an Icon and her partnership with Magical Kenya will market Kenya internationally, as opposed to picking another Kenyan to do the job.


Caroline's take

“…She is a friend of Kenya. She loves this country genuinely, either that or she likes Briatore very much and she visits his resort when the rest of the world gets cold. But how we have reacted to this international icon who has consistently picked this country…yes she goes to the Billionaires resort in Malindi, but has never said don’t picture me in Kenya or don’t do this. She is not that kind of person; we need to ashamed of ourselves. Magical Kenya, well done. I hope you can find more Icons that continue to sale the brand we have at a premium and not bring it down.

…We have wonderful outlets, if I started listing them you will weep but I want us to stay with this if you don’t understand ask but don’t display your ignorance boldly and loudly on social media and add hate to it. The world doesn’t need you crap right now and Naomi is owned an apology by every single person acted like why her, why Not? If nothing else she has been a true friend of this country and she has put it out there every time she is here. She is good for Us and she means well for Us, what’s your problem, I would never be brand ambassador for Kenya, yes I can do domestic but for the number we need! And if you don’t get it sit down, wear a mask, clear your hands and if you can sanitize your thinking,” said Caroline Mutoko in part.


The former Kiss 100 host went on to give an example of Sauti Sol who were picked by South Africa's tourism board as their brand Ambassadors back in 2015, and no one complained, neither Kenyans nor South Africans.

"When South Africa was looking for icons for Kenya, to sell their products, they picked Sauti Sol, you did not complain about that and you did not see Sauti sol lament either…Are we so ignorant we don't get it. Then why do we display our ignorance so boldly and loudly and then coat it with a little bit of bile and arrogance to boot? Why?" asked Caroline Mutoko.

Her sentiments were echoed by Lawyer Donald Kipkorir who said; “Naomi Campbell is more Kenyan than many Kenyans .... She should be made a Kenyan Citizen & made our Ambassador to the World ... On the other hand, Lupita Nyong’o has made it clear she is not Kenyan ... Naomi has lived in Kenya longer than Lupita ... Let Naomi be”.

On Tuesday, Magical Kenya appointed Naomi Campbell as their International brand Ambassador and s section of Kenyans felt that she did not deserve the endorsement.




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