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Should celebrities show receipts? Cebbie Koks weighs in amidst Vera & Amber's drama

Cebbie Koks Nyasego expressed her views on the topic of displaying receipts to validate oneself on social media

Cebbie Koks

In today's social media-driven world, it is no secret that celebrities and public figures are constantly under the microscope.

Everything they do, from their fashion choices to their personal lives, is scrutinized and dissected by their fans and fellow in the entertainment industry.

Some have resorted to showing receipts on social media to prove they are wealthy.

However, the topic of providing receipts has sparked discussions on social media among fans, with recent incidents such as Vera Sidika's vow to display all her expenditure receipts in the wake of Amber Ray's allegations that she was broke.


On Tuesday, 21, Cebbie Koks Nyasego took to her Instagram stories to share her opinion about the issue.

She says that sometimes trying and proving others wrong is not worth it. Instead, she suggests doing it for oneself, as others do not know the whole story.

Cebbie believes many people have suffered because they did tell their side of the story and did not remember to keep receipts.


"From the look of things, some of us suffered because: we didn't say our side of the story and largely because we don't even remember to keep receipts," Cebbie wrote.

While it may seem like a good idea to keep receipts and document everything in case someone comes up with a story about you, Cebbie warns that this approach can make one a slave to social media approvals.

"The so-called tea on social gonna makes one a slave of keeping and documenting everything in case an individual comes up with this usual story about you," She wrote.


The need to constantly prove oneself and keep track of every detail of one's life can be exhausting and can take away from living in the moment.

Moreover, as Cebbie points out, nobody is interested in the truth anymore. They only want to hear what can give a momentary thrill, and lies often score higher.

"But we must also admit nobody is interested in truths, and all we want to hear is what can give us a momentary thrill. "Lies " score on that," she said.


People who do not like you will believe everything that harms your persona, whether you bring receipts or speak the truth. Therefore, Cebbie advises doing it for one's good.

"What I know for sure is this, people who don't like you will believe everything that harm your persona, whether you bring receipts or speak the truth. You will never change their minds. Therefore, do it for your own good, maybe, " she said.

Moreover, Cebbie finds the pressure to prove oneself online absurd.

In a world where one's worth is often determined by their social media following and the number of likes and comments one receives, it can be challenging to remain faithful to oneself and avoid succumbing to the pressures of the digital world.


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