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Not my husband - Chiki Kuruka shoves lady grinding on Bien [Video]

The incident happened during a Saturday concert where Bien was performing

Bien-Aime Baraza and wife Chiki Kuruka

Chiki Kuruka, wife to Sauti Sol singer Bien-Aime Baraza was forced to take action after a lady went grinding on her husband during a concert on Saturday, January 28.

The lady seemed to have been seeking a moment with the Sauti Sol star moments before he took to the stage for a performance.

In the video shared online, a displeased Chiki moves swiftly to send off the lady as she also talks to security to take control of the backstage area.

Bien, on the other hand, makes no negative reaction and only moves forward to let go of the fan.


The video ignited reactions from netizens who praised Chiki for her actions, as some questioned why Bien was not quick to jump off.

bienaimesol Haitaki hasira

nicki_bigfish Ata mimi naona nita nyoa alafu ni buy guitar, hakuna njia ingine sasa

Kenyasafariwedding Protect yours at all cost ❤️


_badgirlcashina_ And thats how you protect your man and mark the territory 👏👏👏👏👏 well done sis

cop_lydia_mwangi Yaaani bien anasikizia Tu hataki kumove?

keshgracy Bwana ya wenyewe is a NO GO ZONE

mogenibarbara I don't know why some fans have such entitlement? Especially female fans,had it been roles reversed guy could be rebuked and had sexual harrasment thrown around. The disrespect. In as much as bien is a performer fans need to draw the line aki chiki was composed


In August 2022, Bien was forced to clear the air after saying cheating in marriage was proper basis for separation.

A section of netizens however said Bien was in an open marriage, something he refuted in an interview.

“I’m not in an open marriage. I have never said that I’m in an open marriage, it’s just that people concluded their own things. There is what you say and there is what people want to hear. I have never said I’m in an open marriage, but I have said that when in marriage you are not supposed to own your partner, you are supposed to experience your partner,” Bien explained.

The singer further stated that being faithful in a relationship is only 5 per cent of what holds the affair together.


“Marriage is not all about being faithful to one another, it’s about walking the journey of life together. Being faithful is about 5 percent of a relationship and people who are married can understand me.

The speculations were fuelled by a statement made on the Sol Family where Bien said he was in an open marriage with his wife Chiki.


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