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Ciku Muiruri explains decision to forgive her daughter's abductors

Ciku Muiruri faced every parent's worst nightmare when her daughter and her friend were kidnapped and held for Sh500,000 ransom.

A collage of Ciku Muiruri and suspects arrested for the abduction of her daughter

Renowned media personality Ciku Muiruri's next course of action against suspects arrested for kidnapping her daughter Erica, and her friend, Shannyce, surprised many of her friends.

Despite enduring unimaginable horror, Ciku chose to forgive the men arrested for her daughter's abduction.

She said she wouldn't have been capable of making that decision just a year ago.

Ciku firmly believes that her prayers played a pivotal role in possibly preventing the kidnappers from inflicting on the two ladies.


For her, forgiveness was born out of finding inner peace amidst the chaos, a peace she attributes to her unwavering faith in Christ.

During the search for the two ladies, Ciku was frantically searching for answers, and it was during this time that she sought comfort in her faith.

Believing in the power of prayer, Ciku embarked on a journey to Burnt Forest, a place known for its spiritual significance, where she participated in nine consecutive vigils, fervently pleading for her daughter's safe return.


With tears streaming down her face, she prayed fervently, seeking reassurance about her daughter's well-being.

At that moment, she felt a profound divine connection as she believed that God spoke to her, reassuring her that Erica was safe.

This encounter infused her with renewed hope and strengthened her resolve to find her daughter.


On June 12, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations successfully rescued Erica and Shannyce.

The two young women were found in Gatukuyu, a small town nestled within the serene landscapes of Mang'u, Kiambu County.

Two suspects were arrested and identified as Timothy Kiragu, 34, and Samuel Kipkurui, 33.


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