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You were special to me - Mwanahamisi Hamadi heaps praises on departed Shosh wa Mahewa

Shosh wa Mahewa became popular for her ability to fix sound in cars despite her advanced age

Mwanahamisi Hamadi with  the late Shosho wa Mahewa Cecilia Mwangi

Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Mwanahamisi Hamadi has joined fans of popular sound technician Cecilia Mwangi also known as Shosh wa Mahewa who has passed away after a short illness.

Cecilia's journey to fame ignited when she gained recognition for personally repairing car sound systems despite her advanced age.

Her resilience and determination to excel in a male-dominated industry served as an inspiration to people around the world. She evolved into a symbol of empowerment and a pioneer in breaking societal norms.

Mwanahamisi Hamadi shared a heartfelt tribute to Shosh Cecilia, expressing her condolences for the loss.


Hamadi celebrated Cecilia's life and the invaluable insights gained from her journey. Determined to carry forward Cecilia's legacy.

"Pumzika pema Rafiki @shosh Mahewa. Nashkuru Maulana kwa kunipa fursa ya kukujua kupitia makala ya #MwanamkeBomba uliyokuwa wa kwanza kuyapamba kwa simulizi ya safari yako ya mwanamke Shupavu!

"Tumejifunza mengi kutoka kwako na daima tutakuenzi. Pumzika pema pamoja na waja wema. You were very special to me Shosh," Mwanahimisi wrote.


The news of her passing at the age of 80was shared by PJ Muriuki who described her as an inspirational woman.

"I am afraid to be the bearer of the sad news that she has passed on this evening after a short illness," shared Muriuki, a close acquaintance of Shosh Cecilia.

"We celebrate a life well lived. I am glad that our paths crossed. Thank you for all the words of wisdom and for impacting my life. What an inspirational woman," he wrote.


Though she had completed only standard four due to the educational restrictions imposed on women during her time, Cecilia's expertise in her field was unrivalled.

Her comprehensive knowledge of every product she sold and her hands-on mastery of repairing and installing radios showcased her boundless passion and commitment to her craft.

Beyond sound repair, Shosh had political ambitions which unfortunately did not come to life. In 2022 she joined the United Democratic Alliance where she sought the ticket to run for the Nairobi Woman Representative post.


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