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Stephen Letoo builds new road to his home ahead of thanksgiving ceremony [Video]

Letoo revealed that the new road will only serve a section of his visitors, who are expected to attend in large numbers.

Stephen Letoo

Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo recently shared a video showcasing the ongoing preparations for his upcoming Thanksgiving ceremony at his rural home in Narok County, happening today with the main event on Friday.

Letoo had been enthusiastically building anticipation for the event for more than three months, which included an incident when he was robbed in Lavington.

During the theft, he reported that his laptop and some invitation cards had been stolen.

In a TikTok video posted on October 11, Letoo was seen supervising the excavation of a road leading to his home.


His fans had diverse reactions to the video. Letoo could be heard explaining that the featured road leads directly to his residence.

He then pointed to an excavator on-site and attempted to educate his followers about the importance of the machinery being used.

"Hii ni barabara ya kuingia kwangu. This is a new road now tumeweka. Now this is the use of this machine, inatengeneza, inaflatten barabara tunaweka lami yani mambo ni machache," Letoo said.

Letoo continued by mentioning that the new road was exclusive to certain guests, as there was another road behind his homestead that other guests would use.


DENOHDAVILE Provided Chemutai is there ntafika

shanie namunyak The pressure is getting worser naona nkifika kilgoris 😂😂

Soinkei kores 🇰🇪🇺🇸 Kajiado west am here representing from New York wasaap my people.


Apotre Your area Mp amekojoa several times after kuona hii..

Tim Your area mp must be sweating right now.

oltingding Letoo hujatupeleka na mtararara!! Yaani hatuna idea . But whatever will happen all the best. Enkai nayiolo.

Major Where shall we land our helicopter 🚁 from kisumu 😁


amoskipsz I'm in machakos but I'm seeing coming back home. Narok county....kwetu

Kasoka Kasoka Kasoka Is letoo preparing himself for something like a political seat maybe 2027 ? He’s so strategic he might be a big thing . Go for it man.

Engineer Nass My apologies chairman, from North rift I'll not be able to attend lakini nipatie roll apo

As Letoo continued his preparations for the party, he once hinted at inviting South Africa's opposition leader, Julius Malema.


On August 18, Letoo shared a clip of himself watching a video of Malema addressing South Africans and asked Kenyans to join him in welcoming Malema.

He even displayed some invitation cards intended for Malema and sang along to a song after Malema's speech.

However, Malema has never responded to the reporter's invitation, leaving it uncertain whether he will surprise Letoo by attending the event.


Letoo, however, confirmed that some of the guests had already confirmed their presence for his event, which has been the talk of the town.

Letoo assured his visitors that they would enjoy feasting on a fattened bull that would be at their disposal.

He mentioned that there were people who had already set up camp at his homestead to provide catering services.

He even shared a video of the bull that would be slaughtered, and his followers marveled at its huge size.


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