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WATCH: Lulu Hassan warns newlywed couple of 1 thing to avoid in their marriage

Drawing from her own experience, Lulu emphasised that her marriage was far from perfect and that challenges are an inherent part of every marital journey.

Lulu Hassan

Renowned Citizen TV Swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan recently delivered a forthright message to a newlywed couple, cautioning them against trying to replicate her marriage with Rashid Abdalla.

Speaking at the wedding, Lulu shared valuable insights into the differences between the perceptions presented on television and the actual reality of marriage.

Lulu Hassan emphasised that what is portrayed on TV is often far from reality and that every marriage is unique in its dynamics.

She advised the groom to approach his marriage without fixating on advice about how to treat his spouse, urging him to discover what works best for their relationship.


"Marriage haina manual, mtu yeyote asikuambie how to treat your wife, wala bibi usiambiwe sijui bwana ufanye hivi," Lulu openly stated.

In her speech, Lulu Hassan offered a glimpse into the complexities of her own marriage, clarifying that her relationship with Rashid Abdalla is not without its challenges and differences.

She debunked the notion that her marriage could serve as a blueprint for all couples, asserting that each marriage operates uniquely.


"Forget about what we say on TV by the way. Kila kitu inakuanga tofauti. Tutakuambia tu this is how to go about it but Omari hawezi kuwa Rashid na your wife hawezi kuwa Lulu," she emphasised.

She highlighted that couples often keep certain issues away from the public eye, emphasising that there is no standardized manual for marriage that applies to all couples.

"So usiende kukaa nyumbani ukasema unataka ndoa kama Lulu na Rashid. It does not happen like that. Because nina mambo yangu but siwezi nikasema mbele ya watu.

"Na huyu pia ana mambo yake, na marriage haina manual. Create mwenyewe manual yenu," Lulu advised, acknowledging that every couple has their unique journey.


As one of the hosts of Citizen TV's segment involving marriage counsellors, Lulu Hassan has had a front-row seat to discussions about relationships.

On the show which has gained remarkable popularity, she features renowned counsellor Benjamin Zulu, Bi Mswafari and Mkala wa Mwambodze among other guests.


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