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Are you Gay? Comedian Flaqo responds to fan who questioned his sexuality

Flaqo forced to address allegations of being gay over cross dressing nature

Comedian Flaqo Raz

Fast-rising comedian Flaqo Raz has shoot down allegations of being gay due to his cross-dressing nature when doing his skits.

In a Q&A session, Flaqo made it clear that his female side is just character and he always leave that side of him on set and behind the cameras.

He went to caution Netizens to refrain from question his sexuality, because he is ‘very straight’.


“Are you gay? Because you like wearing women clothes” asked the fan.

Flaqo replied; “Never ever ever ever ask me this question again, it’s too much, my female side is a character, I leave it on set and behind cameras…mimi ni mutu ya cat family an nitakukata bure”.

Currently, Flaqo is among comedians doing very well when it comes to rib cracking Kenyans with his skits that have at least five characters; Mama Otis, Otis, Uncle Bakari, Baba Otis and Atis.

The conversation prompted Netizens to join in, a section saying that the fan was just being ignorant, while others advised Flaqo to always ignore such people.


jade_bobographer “How timid is that person who asked that question on honest note😹

bandanafather “😂😂😂let them judge we got zero fucks to give”

yrn.mullah._ “Mwenye ameuliza ndio gay😂😂😂😂”

kenny_wambui “Mwenye anauliza iyo hamake sense atah”


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