It’s exhausting – Comedian Flaqo after YouTube channel gets deleted

I’ve worked so hard to be disrespected – Flaqo

Comedian Flaqo Raz

Comedian Flaqo Raz has been forced to speak after his YouTube Channel was deleted over a copyright claim.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, the fast-rising comedian who was recently awarded by YouTube having more than 100K subscribers called on his fans to report all channels that have his name, and those that bear his content.

He mentioned that he has worked hard to make a name for himself, and that he is tired of being disrespected every other time.

Flaqo stated that his channel was deleted at a time he was about to launch his own show on the platform, and he reads malice in the whole thing, promising whoever is behind it that he will not leave the comedy industry if that is what they want.

He also mentioned that it was now becoming personal, as he explained that it has been a recurrent thing from people who strike him for content he takes time, energy, and resources to create.

At this points its really exhausting...Please report all channels that are not mine but have my content in it...Boycott...I've worked so hard to be disrespected every damn time, malice...Why...Because I’m just about to launch my show on YouTube its maliciously taken down...Am not dropping the mic btw so if you maliciously want me out of the industry sorry😊.....we will be back with twice the energy ,this war of kicking me out of social media every time is getting a little personal,” said Flaqo Raz.

A message from YouTube explaining the reason his account was deleted said in part; “We’d like to inform you that your channel Flaqo Raz has been terminated because we concluded that is was linked to a channel that was disabled for having three or more Copyright strikes. You can find more information by checking the email inbox of your linked account.”


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