Comedian David Oyando popularly known as Mulamwah has called out Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua over what her termed as not fulfilling his promises.

In a tweet, Mulamwah opted to resurface Mutua’s tweet, promising to mentor and make him the clean content ambassador, a promise he says is yet to be fulfilled.

“Hellow sir, @EzekielMutua, it’s almost a year since your promise, did you mean it or you were just tweeting for the moment, or am I “inaccessible”?. If the GVT cannot help us as youth, then please don’t instill false hope in us ,it’s better you leave us to suffer in peace,” tweeted Mulamwah.

Mulamwah's tweet
Mulamwah's tweet

Quitting comedy

In April last year (2020), Mutua promised to help Mulamwah get back to his groove after announcing that he was quitting comedy over cyber bullying, and losing his unborn child.

Mutua who is labeled the moral cop said that the best way for someone to deal with cyber bullies is refusing to give up on what you have been doing.

“I hear that twitterates are driving @mulamwah out of comedy & into depression. Bro pick yourself up and give me a call. I will buy you a new shirt, mentor you and make you an ambassador of clean content. The best way of dealing with cyber bullies is to refuse to give up!” said the KFCB CEO.

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Ezekiel Mutua and Mulamwah
Ezekiel Mutua and Mulamwah

At that particular time, the funnyman (Mulamwah) burnt his signature shirt announcing that he had decided to take a back seat in the comedy following constant trolls on social media.

However, he was encouraged by Kenyans and other celebrities, prompting him to shelve his plans of quitting comedy.

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