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Comedian Nasra reveals truth behind viral Beyoncé chat screenshot

Nasra shared a screenshot of her alleged conversation with Beyoncé on Instagram

Comedian Nasra Yusuf

Comedian Nasra Yusuff has finally opened up that the screenshot that she once shared chatting with Beyoncé was just a joke despite some of her fans believing what they saw.

The comedian added that she posts such engaging posts whenever she feels like she has been away from the media for a while according to Citizen.

"Of course, Beyoncé did not DM me. Obviously, that's a joke. I'm a comedian; I do these things to make people laugh," Nasra clarified.


Nasra had posted on her Instagram page asking Kenyans to suggest the price for the tickets that would be sold when Beyonce comes to perform at her event.

The comedian also opened up and said that the hotel receipts that she once posted on her social were not hers but rather Vera Sidika's.

When she shared the receipts, there were mixed reactions online, especially after some people raised concerns saying that the details on the receipts are common.

"Obviously, I knew that I was posting a fake hotel bill, I knew it was originally posted by Vera Sidika. I sometimes do these things when I see that I've been away from the news for a minute," said Nasra.


Comedian Nasra recently conducted an interview whereby she was asked what she does nowadays since she has been an absentee on the Churchill Show and she simply said that she forgot how to write jokes.

"I'm still on Churchill Show but Covid-19 changed many things, right? I forgot how to write jokes during that time and I don't have any other excuse for sure. I'm struggling to write jokes," explained the comedian.

She further revealed that there are people who have approached her in the past requesting her to perform at various events but she turned down all of them since she is not ready for any show at the moment.


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