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Content creator Babushka's message of gratitude to fans as he hits new milestone

Despite being abled differently, Babushka has embraced life fully and refused to be limited by his condition.

Content creator Babushka

Content creator Kennedy Matiko Rioba, popularly known as Babushka, is basking in the glory of a significant academic achievement.

Babushka recently graduated with a degree in law from Kisii University, a momentous occasion he joyfully shared on his social media platforms.

In expressing his gratitude, Babushka acknowledged the challenges he faced during his academic journey, emphasising the role of faith in overcoming obstacles.

"The journey has been long and tiresome, full of storms, but GOD has done it on my behalf. It has been GOD, and it will always remain God. I’m so excited for the next chapter of my life.


"Thank you @ogaobinna for the gift, and my gratitude to all of you for your endless support and love towards this achievement in my entire lifetime and career. God bless you all," he shared.

Despite facing physical challenges as an individual with a disability, Babushka has embraced life fully and refused to be limited by his condition.

In a previous interview, he revealed that he used to crop his pictures to avoid judgment, particularly from girls.


He however developed confidence and today posts photos as they are which has come with significant benefits.

Babushka, known for his engaging dancing videos on TikTok, has garnered a substantial following both in Kenya and abroad.

His courage and determination have not only earned him recognition on social media but also opened doors to various opportunities, including gigs that have significantly transformed his life.


However, alongside his successes, Babushka has had to contend with challenges such as accidents during content creation and the presence of harsh social media bullies.

Despite these adversities, Babushka's resilience and positive spirit shine through, inspiring many with his journey of triumph over adversity.


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