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Passerby rescues Babushka as content creation almost leads to drowning

Babushka is just one example of the numerous content creators who encounter unfortunate situations in the process of developing their content.

Content creator Babushka

Content creator Kennedy Rioba, also known as Babushka, recently had a harrowing experience that highlighted the risks and challenges faced by content creators in their pursuit of engaging and entertaining their audience.

Babushka was shooting content close to a swamp when he accidentally slipped and fell into the swamp.

His short stature made it impossible for him to swim, and he found himself in a perilous situation.

"So guys imagine today I was almost drowning in a small swamp around my area of residence due to my height when I was trying to deliver you content. Nikaslip but God refused. Vikombe nimekunywa wacha tu, na ni maji chafu [I ingested a lot of dirty water]," he shared with his audience.


Babushka's distress called for assistance from a passerby, as the person who was shooting the content with him was equally short and unable to help.

"Luckily I was helped by a passerby who heard me yelling for help because my cameraman was a little boy who could not help," Babushka revealed.

His experience sheds light on content creators' challenges behind the scenes while striving to produce compelling and entertaining content.


This incident underscores the often-overlooked fact that content creators invest a great deal of effort and sometimes even put their lives at risk to bring their content to audiences worldwide.

Babushka took the opportunity to call for appreciation of content creators, recognising the struggles they endure.

"We content creators go through a lot behind the scenes before even you receive the final outcome. Na bado kuna msee haezi appreciate. It has never been easy wadau. We will still keep pushing, though. Thank You God for another chance," he emphasised.


Babushka's near-drowning incident is just one example of content creators' challenges.

Some of these challenges are accidental, like the incident he experienced, while others are deliberate and malicious.

For instance, content creator Purplesam recently fell victim to an attack by armed individuals who not only injured him but also stole his equipment.


Another example is the well-known prankster Nicki Bigfish, who faces significant challenges due to the nature of his content, which often involves interactions with members of the public.


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