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Terence Creative & Milly Chebby speak out after shocking act of vandalism

Kenyan content creator, Terence Creative and his wife, Milly Chebby, were left disappointed after their luxurious Land Cruiser was vandalized

Terence creative and Milly Chebby's car got vandalized

Famous Kenyan content creator, Terence Creative and his wife, Milly Chebby, were disappointed after their luxurious Land Cruiser was vandalized in broad daylight.

In an Instagram video shared by Milly Chebby on Tuesday, the couple conveyed their emotions of disappointment and rage following the incident.

Milly revealed that they had recently replaced a tiny but vital part in their car after someone had removed it.

"Nyinyi huwa town mnangojea kuiba parts ya gari ya mtu, gari ya huyu imeibiwa parts na ni kitu tulikuwa tushareplace one side.


"(You guys are always in town waiting to steal someone's car parts, this one's car parts have been stolen, and it was something we have even replaced in the past)<" Milly lamented.

According to Milly, the act affected her husband, Terence, so badly that it ruined his day.

"Imeuma Terence sana hadi imemuharibia siku, hadi I'm like you still have your car. It's just a small thing. Hii imeng'olewa leo. Hii inauma sana.


"(It hurt Terence so much that it ruined his day, until I'm like you still have your car, it's just a small thing. This was removed today. This hurts a lot)," said Milly

On the other hand, Terence Creative expressed his anger over the theft, saying that people steal such small but costly things only to sell them at a lower price.

He lamented that thieves steal car parts worth Sh3,000 and sell them for as low as Sh600.


"Hata ile kitu inakasirisha sana ni unaiba kitu ya KSh 3000, unaenda unauza KSh 600. Wameng'oa zote mbili.

"(The most annoying part is that you steal something worth Sh3000, then you go and sell it for Sh600. They have removed both parts)," Terence said.

Milly also expressed her disappointment, saying that the incident had ruined her day, and she could not understand why people would do such a thing.


The celebrity couple debated whether to leave their car as it is or get it repaired and replace the stolen parts.

The decision was difficult, considering the time and effort they had put into acquiring the vehicle.

In a previous interview with a product of years of hard a local media house, Milly Chebby disclosed that the car was the product of years of hard work, and they had started paying for it in 2021.


The couple had shared a classy vehicle on their social media, and Milly could not help but gush over it, saying that she believes God used her to be part of Terence's success.


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