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Kenya Power replies to Crazy Kennar, he roasted civil servants who carry branded merch home [Video]

In what is being termed as Crazy Kennar's comedy comeback, the 2-time Pulse Comedy Influencer of the Year has roasted state officials who decorate their homes with branded merchandise.

Screen grab of Crazy Kennar's latest skit

Content creator Crazy Kennar has made a comeback to skit comedy, sparking conversations with his latest video on government officials.

In the video, Kennar humorously sheds light on the phenomenon of public servants decking out their homes with an array of items branded with various government institution logos.

The video, which has resonated with Kenyans online, has also received replies from a number of the institutions he depicted in the video.

Huduma Kenya, in appreciation, reposted the skit with rolling-on-the-floor laughing emojis and the exclamation: "Crazy Kennar!".


The Public Service Commission (PSC) retweeted the video with the quote: "No comment."

Kenya Power in response wrote 'Chamaaani' in appreciation of the funny skit.

In the video, Kennar hilariously parades an assortment of government-branded paraphernalia, from doormats to cups and jerricans, creating a comically chaotic scene.


What fans found even more entertaining is Kennar's attention to detail beginning with a common poster seen at all government offices "This is a corruption-free zone", which he placed as a doormat on his set.

The kitchen, a mishmash of government logos, featured branded items from the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

As the tour continues into the bedroom, Kennar unveils bedsheets from the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) Maternity Ward.

The amusing spectacle continues in the living room, where cushion covers are branded Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA), the table cloth appears to be a Kenya Power billboard and his water tank is 'Property of Homa Bay County'.


But the comedic hyperbole doesn't stop there! Kennar's wardrobe choices have netizens in stitches.

His innerwear, hilariously branded with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) label and his pyjamas bore an unmistakable resemblance to the Kenya Police uniform, evoking laughter and applause from his fans.


Praising his comedic prowess, netizens are showering Kennar with compliments for his ability to skillfully capture everyday situations in the most hilarious way possible.

Below are some of the reactions:-

bonifacemwangi The genius in this video is on another level. Nothing but the truth!


thekingkaka Enyewe wewe wadiKuTax , pesa yako ya Tax umetumia kuPrint. Please KRA wachaneni na Kennar anzeni na watu wengine

theonlymbugua Hii budget yote ya printing ndio utufurahishe? You deserve all the good things in life!

theemwalimurachel Ei! 😂🤣 ah! Ah! Utatuua wewe kwa kicheko

thekingkaka Enyewe wewe wadiKuTax , pesa yako ya Tax umetumia kuPrint. Please KRA wachaneni na Kennar anzeni na watu wengine.

muzikalsheriff Mimi Swali Bado Najiuliza ni Hizi Props zilipangwa lini?.. Hio Sio Wing ya Ndege ya KQ kwa Choo?


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