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Crazy Kennar explains reasons for writing a book for content creators

Kennar says most content creators don't post what it entails to be successful in the field

Crazy Kennar

During a conversation with a group of content creators, comedian Crazy Kennar unveiled his ambitious plan of compiling a book about content, estimating that it would take approximately ten years or a minimum of three years to complete.

Kennar expressed his desire to ensure that his daily endeavors in content creation would leave a lasting impact on future generations.

He emphasized that he doesn't want to solely reap the benefits of the content creation industry himself.


He also pointed out that many content creators fail to showcase their vulnerabilities and struggles, leading people to believe that success in this field comes effortlessly.

TikToker Azziad Nasenya was also in attendance at the function, and Crazy Kennar expressed his belief that content creators should gather and strategize on how they can support aspiring content creators.

Kennar further commented on how certain countries have embraced content creation as a serious industry.

He mentioned that these countries actively engage in location visits to shoot and learn more about the art of content creation.


In a sarcastic tone, Kennar criticized Kenya, stating that there is a lack of support in the industry.

He pointed out that most of the time, content creators are expected to fend for themselves without much assistance.


Crazy Kennar emphasized the importance of content creators being active on social media platforms, particularly when it comes to sharing their content.

He mentioned that Kenya was ranked fourth globally in terms of TikTok content consumption, which came as a surprise to him.

However, he believed this ranking explained why Kenyans are always actively engaged on the platform.

Kennar stressed the significance of being familiar with the formats utilized by these platforms to provide a good experience for your audience while interacting with your content.


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