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Daddy Owen recounts day airport security put him on the spot for his eye

Daddy Owen's eye was permanently damaged in a mob attack during his days in crime

Gospel singer Daddy Owen

Gospel artist Daddy Owen has revealed an encounter when Dubai airport security flagged him due to his unique condition.

The singer, who lost one of his eyes during a past incident, shared his experience in an interview, shedding light on the challenges he faces as a cross-eyed individual.

Owen narrated that upon landing in Dubai with two friends, they were required to undergo an eye scan as part of the airport's security protocols.

His friends were cleared seamlessly, but when it came to Owen's turn, the scanning machine failed to read his eye.


"Nliingia Dubai tuko wasee kama watatu unajua siku hizi Dubai ukifika unascaniwa na kile kiglobe. Wakascan lakini kufika kwangu ikakataa," Owen shared during his conversation with Oga Obinna.

The unexpected glitch triggered suspicion, and Owen was summoned into an interrogation room for further investigation.


Owen recounted the incident, explaining how it took considerable effort to convince the security personnel that his eye condition was legitimate.

"Nilipelekwa interogation room, before niexplain jicho moja jioni ilikua kibarua, before wanielewe ilikua kibarua," he explained, illustrating the challenges he faced due to his unique circumstance.

Beyond the Dubai airport incident, Daddy Owen also opened up about the day-to-day challenges of being cross-eyed.


He noted that conversations with people can be challenging, as some may misinterpret his gaze as disinterest.

Particularly in interactions with women, there's a risk of being misconstrued as staring inappropriately as some assume you are staring at their bosom when you are actually not.

Even during moments meant to capture memories through photographs, Owen highlighted the unique perspectives that arise due to his condition.

The person taking the photo may mistakenly assume he isn't looking at the camera properly, leading to unintended consequences in pictures.


The singer has however accepted his condition and even makes fun of it which he says makes people even more comfortable around him.


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