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Inside Daddy Owen's Sh37M hospital hostel in Kijabe

Gospel artist Daddy Owen has finally given several bloggers a tour of his Sh37 million hospital hostel located in Kijabe

From left: Daddy Owen and Daddy Owen interacting with a patient

The hostel aims to provide a home for patients, especially children who have undergone surgeries and are in the recovery process.

It has several rooms and features that will help to smoothen the whole process.

While describing some of the features inside the building, Daddy Owen pointed out that there are rails on the sides to assist those using wheelchairs to support themselves while moving.

He added that the corridors are also spacious enough to allow for multiple movements within the building at the same time.


The hostel, which is set to be completed soon with workers finalizing its interior works, will have two kitchens.

One will be located on the ground floor while the other will be upstairs to help those who need to use the cooking area run things smoothly.


Bloggers on site wanted to know if parents who accompanied their children to the hospital would have to pay for certain services. Daddy Owen then had to explain how the hostel would operate.

Daddy Owen revealed that parents would not necessarily have to pay for accommodation at the hostels, as they would only be able to accommodate a limited number of patients at a time, and provide fully for them for a certain period.

"What really matters, by the time we are going for the medical camps, we usually identify children according to the budget that we have. We can't tell people to come if there is no money.

"So when the money is allocated, we usually analyze everything before going to pick up the kids. You will come to find out that parents may end up living here for free," Daddy Owen explained.


Daddy Owen challenged those who have achieved success in life by asking how they were impacting the lives of others.

He added that one could help by encouraging those who have money to assist those who are in need, especially if they are in a position where they have none.

"How many lives are you transforming? How many lives are you changing? What are you doing with everything that God has blessed you with? You could be lacking the money sometimes but maybe you have the link that could be used to access the money," Daddy Owen said.


The gospel artist continued to explain that, through God's blessings, he is currently in a position where he can access most government officials. He added that he always calls on them to assist those in need in the community.


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