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Daddy Owen breaks down how he made Sh1M weekly during his peak days

Daddy Owen revealed that he made good money locally he even turned down gigs in the U.S.

Gospel singer Daddy Owen

Legendary gospel singer Daddy Owen, aka Papa Fololo, has spilt the beans on his past glory days, when he raked in a staggering sum of nearly Sh1 million every week.

In an episode on the Iko Nini podcast, the singer opened up about his financial success, the allure of corporate gigs, and the valuable financial advice he received from industry veterans.

At the height of his career, Daddy Owen found himself in high demand by corporate clients, who were willing to pay top dollar for his performances.

Surprisingly, he even turned down international gigs in the U.S.A, as the corporate gigs were more lucrative.


"I never performed in the US; most of the time, I was told I would perform in a church, members would give offerings, and that is what I would be paid.

"Yet here, a corporate could give me about Sh200,000 per week to push their brand plus other gigs within the country. Would you have gone?" Owen retorted.

It wasn't just corporate gigs that boosted Daddy Owen's bank account. He also received invitations to various events, further expanding his financial horizons.


However, amidst his financial success, he emphasized the importance of financial discipline, which he learned from his older brother, Rufftone, and legendary Calif Records producer Clemo.

According to Daddy Owen, Rufftone advised him to make wise financial decisions, reminding him that some things would not last forever. And when his hit song 'System ya Kapungala' was at its peak, Clemo called him with a valuable piece of advice.

"Clemo told me to make use of the moment I had because it would reach a point where my songs would no longer interest fans," Owen revealed.

The gospel sensation's financial journey took a significant turn when he received his first major paycheck of nearly Ksh7 million from a local telecommunications company.


With this sum, he chose to invest in a meaningful way by building a house for his parents, demonstrating his gratitude and responsible financial management.

Daddy Owen has also invested in other personal businesses and also runs a number of philanthropic projects in the country.


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