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Daddy Owen opens up on why his life is in danger

Daddy Owen says several people have called to warn him after his recent comments on LGBTQ+

Gospel singer Daddy Owen

Gospel artist Daddy Owen has reported receiving multiple threats after declaring his stance against the ongoing LGBTQ+ debate in Kenya.

Upon his arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport from Rwanda, Daddy Owen answered questions from bloggers and YouTubers where he confirmed the threats, saying that he had received phone calls from people warning him that he was dealing with powerful people.

"I have received multiple threats via phone calls with people warning me that I'm dealing with powerful people," Daddy Owen said.


Despite the threats, the gospel artist said that he was not scared and that he was ready to face anyone. Daddy Owen further stated that he was not going to report the matter to any authorities.

"I'm not reporting anyone to the police. By the way, if someone has an issue, come let's meet in public face to face. I'm prepared and I know myself. I'm used to this kind of life and there are some threats that I don't take seriously," Owen explained.

The artist maintained that he has faced many battles and he is still determined even though there are some people who have said that he will lose the battle this time.

Regarding his Instagram page, Daddy Owen talked about some changes that had taken effect on his social media handles, especially Instagram, where some of his posts were deleted due to a violation of rights on the platform.


Instagram had also given him a final warning that his account would be deleted.

"If you follow me on social media, you'll discover that Instagram deleted my posts and I can't monetize the platform. My Instagram can never be recommended to anyone. This means that those who follow me are the only ones who will see my posts and likes.

"I have also been given the final warning that my account will be deleted. I'm ready to stand for the truth. You'll be a coward at the end of the day if you are not ready to stand for the truth," added Owen.


The gospel artist said that he was ready to stand for the truth, rubbishing claims that he had been paid to push the campaign against LGBTQ+, especially on Twitter, where he said that such claims were just propaganda to soil his name.


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